Arthur, Spotify, Stockholm Sweden:

"Johannes from EatUniQ prepared an Eritrean / Ethiopian meal for a seven person work evemt. It was a dramatically different way to connect with work colleagues. Everyone loved it! So often work dinners at restaurants are rushed, loud, and uninspiring. EatUniq was just the opposite - perfect for the space, offering everyone the opportunity to connect with each other and learn along the way. 
Johannes arrived just before our guests and prepped most of the ingredients for the meal. He was organized every step of the dinner. He invited us to help; one in our group was tasked with rolling the Injera (Ethopian flat bread). Johannes introduced the meal when it was prepared and demonstrated how it should be plated and eaten. 
Our group talked about the dinner for days after. It truly was the best way to connect with colleagues, learn something new, and have an incredible meal".

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