East European Vegeterian food with a twist

I'm living in Stockholm over 5 years now and I feel it's my home now. Food is my big passion. I am  a chef whose goal it is to help people eat healthy and make conscious decisions about what they are putting in their bodies and how what we eat effects our planet, saving the world one bite at a time! I am involved in many projects outside my workplace that brings me closer to my goal. I am a part of amazing Stockholm Food Movement which is a great  initiative that brings us all to make changes in our thinking about how we eat. 

I think education is the best way to make changes and that is what I am aiming for. It’s thrilling and exciting that I could bring that knowledge to your home. I am originally from Poland and I think western European food is very unappreciated and I want to show you how interesting it can be. I want to cook polish food for you with a modern twist but also show you how easily you can transform from meat based diet to plant based one. I read tons of books and I love to build things out of Legos my latest one was Apollo 13 replica. Below is a sample menu.

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